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Indota is your ultimate guide to smart digital classroom setup solutions. The use of smart classroom facilitates learning and greatly improve efficiency.

In today's world, everyone seeks technology. It is a common agenda of every student to access an internet-connected device, whether it is an iPad, laptop, or tablet, and enjoy every portion of their life inside that digital setup. That is why innovative smart digital classrooms are introduced throughout the world. And the best platform to experience such use of asmart classroomis Indota. Indota, as a smart classroom solution provider, always perpetrates endless enhancements into their smart class setup. It has already dedicated meaningful R& D investment to such smart classroom setup and will consequently do so to induce supplementary productive smart classroom solutions.

Indota distributes its smart digital classroomsolutionsinto three divisions- dynamic smart classroom, collaborative, interactive smart classroom, and the multi-group interactive smart classroom. Each of the smart class setupsis discussed below.

Dynamic smart classroom

In this category, the use of a smart classroomis implemented as an instigator to an innovative, dynamic method of education. Because this smart classroom setupundoubtedly permits arrangement changes of the smart digital classroomto turnabout promptly within diverse education design: from change to circles, squares, and sitting in regular series to advanced schemes like flipped classroom teaching, blended teaching, and exploratory learning. This smart class setupis directed to intensify classroom involvement and interactivity. Therefore, the use of a smart classroomconverts the education method into more of a friendly, experiential, and interactive procedure. Eventually, the smart classroom setupdemolishes the typical conventional methods of approach between the students permanently.

Collaborative Interactive smart classroom

In this smart digital classroom, both the chairs and tables can be folded without dismantling, and eventually, the smart class setupwill have the arrangement to produce independent small class assemblies for studies. The furniture in the smart classroom setupis extremely motile and empowers the teachers to pick the most suitable arrangement that harmonizes the teaching manner they implement. This use of smart classroomsembraces diverse disciplines, kinds of groupings, and schoolings. Collaborative smart classroom solutions are beneficial for personal learning and promising for group investigations and any research and teaching. Interactive smart digital classroomsallow easy control over the materials' operations inside the classroom and identify their state. In such smart classroom solutions, manually imported semester programs will automatically maintain the devices in each of the smart class setupsaccording to the program.

Multi-group Interactive smart classroom

This type of smart classroom setupcompresses the development of student-centered education. The use of a smart classroom enables students to comprehend the teaching content prominently, and the intense intentness generates an immeasurable environment of shared impulse and effective research. Multi-group, smart class setup presents an extensive provision for a set of group studies such as group discussion exchange, group grouping, and group results display. This smart digital classroom creates an active education sitting with communication, discussions, and multi-screen intercommunication. Here, in this smart classroom setup, the mobile appliances' contents can be connected through Wi-Fi to facilitate small screen and large screen communication to create the classroom setting more open and simple.

The use of smart classroomsallows the learning process to be more interactive, experiential, and social, and all of these are more highly implemented with different teaching modes by Indota. Through smart classroom solutionsat Indota, you can obtain the extensive spectrum of things that operate through the internet, such as key control of PC, curtains, lighting, projector, screen, and speakers. At Indota, the enhanced classroom setting and digitized interactions uplift the way of education and proffer beneficial results in the way students remarkably achieve knowledge.

- Smart Classroom Solution Provider

Indota originated in Europe and is committed to creating global innovative smart classroom solutions. As a provider of smart classroom solutions, Indota is dedicated to continuous improvements. It has devoted significant R&D expenditure to this already and will continue to do so to bring new rich classroom solutions. We, Indota, serve the global teaching and training market.

In Indota we divide classroom solutions in 3 categories, which are: the dynamic smart classroom, the collaborative interactive smart classroom and the multi-group interactive smart classroom.

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