About IoT Smart Classroom

Analysis of The Current Classroom Drawbacks 
1.Adjust the temperature of the central air conditioner at will to affect others.
2.The space is closed and the space quality is poor, which affects the efficiency of work and study, and even affect physical health.
3.The safety hazard of the circuit.
4.Use of high-power electrical appliances.
5.People forget to turn off lights and air conditioners when they leave.
6.If you want to save energy, there is no way to start.
7.No statistical analysis of manual inspection records.
8.High labor cost and difficult management.

How to respond as a school?
Avoid waste of resources: After long-term development and construction, the increase in teaching auxiliary facilities will cause resource seizures in the management process. It has realized the unified planning and upgrading of teaching auxiliary facilities and unified display management.
Intelligent management and control: The operation status of the Internet of Things equipment in any classroom can be checked through the mobile phone. View and control the status of teaching room temperature and humidity, PM2.5, smart blackboard or teaching all-in-one machine, projector, electric curtain, air conditioner, etc. Internet connection, account password login, control anywhere.
Data accumulation and analysis: After in-depth data analysis of collecting the operating time and energy consumption of the Internet of Things equipment to realize the energy consumption adjustment of the equipment, realize long-term social and economic benefits, and build a "green campus".
Energy saving and environmental protection: implement effective time-sharing management and control through monitoring data statistics of energy-consuming equipment. Through environmental monitoring modules such as pm2.5, temperature and humidity, and smoke, the working hours of the fresh air system can be accurately awakened, environmental security monitoring can be realized, and a "safe and healthy campus" can be built.