Tablet & Laptop Charging Cabinet--Bring Convenience to The Classroom!

More than just a tablet & laptop charging cabinet, here HAIJIE has everything you want!
Haijie provides high-quality, comfortable and cost-effective products to customers around the world by continuously providing high-quality teaching equipment, stylish and personalized customized products, also perfect and considerate solutions.
At different times and places, HAIJIE is satisfying your most enthusiastic and sincere demand and desire for products.

*Students' Tablet & Laptop Centralized Charging
The purpose of centralized charging in the classroom is to facilitate the unified management of teachers and avoid damage to the tablet and random placement, which helps to proceed the classroom smoothly.
The tablet & laptop charging cabinet was designed with this in mind: The inside of the cabinet is layered. An environmentally friendly ABS partition is also set in the middle of each charging position. The storage of the tablets is more tidy while charging, which can also reduce the collision between the tablets.
*The charging status is clear at a glance.
Haijie tablet & laptop charging cabinet, open the front door of the tablet charging cabinet, you can see the charging status of each tablet at a glance.Teachers can understand the charging status of each tablet according to the display status of the LED indicator, which is very convenient.
*Fashion & Beatuiful Appearance Design
The appearance design is derived from the beauty of craftsmen.
The armrests are formed in one step with ABS engineering flame-retardant plastic molds. Master softness, comfort and strength in the palm of your hand.The whole cabinet adopts the principle of aerodynamics and circulates ventilation. The plate partition is equipped with cushioning rubber pads to "care" every plate carefully. The casters of the rechargeable car use ultra-quiet casters with high smoothness of rotation.