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Looking for a mobile laptop charging trolley/station? The Intelligent Charging Trolley is a safe tool for you to store and charge your laptops and tablets.

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A charging trolley is a place where students can safely charge their devices. In the twenty-first century, every school should stay up-to-date. It’s really not an easy task to introduce the class to all new technologies all of a sudden. But Indota tries to help them in doing this by bringing their all-new and latest IoT technologies and devices. Now, after being used for a pretty long time in a smart classroom, these mobiles or laptops need charging via a mobile laptop charging trolley. So, we also offer these classrooms with our well-designed laptop charging trolley. They are surely going to change the complete orders of using devices in a class.

If you look at our smart classroom systems, they are completely based on group works and the proper involvement of every student. So, they need little and big devices to communicate better in their classes. Our charging trolley is a source of power for those devices. While the latest mobiles and laptops are pretty capable, they actually need more charging than the devices from the past, so our mobile laptop charging trolley are more necessary than ever. Our laptop charging trolley can provide perfect security for the laptops. They were created with proper care towards both interior and outer parts.

Anthro, a well-known company for its skill at creating an innovative charging trolley, worked their best in building our mobile laptop charging trolley of the classrooms. A charging trolley from us can be used not just in an educational institution, but also in verities of places including restaurants, museums, hospitals, offices, and even in parties. Since our charging trolley has proper stability, a person can stop having tensions while charging even the most valuable devices inside the laptop charging trolley like a computer. Carefully selected materials were used on the product to give them high qualities.

As for the qualities and specifications of our charging trolley, you can check below.

Outer Parts

For the body, Anthro used plastic and steel that are furnished with proper care. They used steel for the main body parts of the laptop charging trolley to make it pretty durable and stable while carrying all those heavy laptops and tablets. For easy movement, they installed some 4-5 inches wheels that are strong enough to carry the weight of the entire mobile laptop charging trolley filled with mobiles, iPads, and laptops. The wheels also have a brake. Meanwhile, to ensure that students can properly plug in their devices inside the charging trolley, Anthro used ABS plastic separators on the cart trays. Also, the trays come with cable management systems to let the wires function properly. Also, to meet the needs of everyone, our charging trolley has two versions of it for our customers. One is the AC version. It has 2 doors with an opening angle of 270-degree. The other one is a USB type that has 1 door that opens at a 180-degree angle.

Interior Parts

Our mobile laptop charging trolley has an input voltage of 100V to 240V, a suitable flow of electricity for the laptops and tablets. The rated current of our product is 10A; 50/60V. For ensuring a good distribution of power among all the mobiles and laptops, smart cable management has been added to the charging trolley. There are button switches on each of the trays to let someone switch between on or off, as a means for saving electricity and also safety measures. Not to mention, Anthro made sure to add indicator lights for each button of the charging trolley to let you know whether it has electricity or not. Since the mobile laptop charging trolley needs a proper cooling system to avoid damaging the mobiles and laptops, there are fan cooling and reversed ventilations added.

The charging trolley is available in many colors and also, it can be customizable based on the clients’ choice. With this epic charging solution, nobody needs to worry about charging their laptops or other devices no matter what occasion the laptop charging trolley is being used. A one-in-all instrument that covers all the digital gadgets of a smart classroom.

Intelligent Charging Trolley

When you store electronic devices, they need to be safe and charged. To ensure this, smart charging carts are popular and widely used all over the world. It can be used to store, charge laptops & tablets. Capacity of the carts can be customized according to customers' needs.

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