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The lighting control module is a great component of Internet of Things for the classroom. Powered by Indota, this energy saving design is smart and easy to use.

Internet of Things for The Classroom |Indota

As the world is going forward, we should too. So should our young learners. A student in a school needs a lot of supports and inspiration to not only learn his lessons but also to improve his character traits and good values a person requires to do great things. For this, they need proper communications in the classrooms. Aiming that, Indota brought its smart classrooms and to connect everything in it they created the internet of things for the classrooms. This IoT system connects all the members of a group to discuss and research their recent lessons. For the student, socializing is a highly important matter. With modern technologies for the internet of things for the classroom, we turn the whole classroom into just a single desk, figuratively speaking.

The products that we deliver to the classrooms are all-round, digital, and functional. They are not some expensive gadgets without proper uses but are actually necessary instruments that can bring the whole classroom towards the advanced era. Our products also come with guarantees. We are quick to fix any issue our clients might face.

Our internet of things for the classroom is based around a central control system that is designed to deliver proper durability and practicality. It allows the students to work for a long time without the need for interruptions. This system is multi-functional that can perform many different tasks at the same time. They not only just suitable for the classrooms but also perfect for office works. Our system can record user identities and keep track of all the schedules of an institution. The AI used on our IoT system center control can identify orders from any manufacturers. The center control of the internet of things system is well-designed for long term use. It has a 7-inches LCD control panel. It is good at creating unity and can control internet of things for the classroomfor the students.

The IoT system perfectly goes with the smart classroom environment. Not only do the students can form proper interactions among all the groups in a classroom but the teacher can also take part in the activities and help the students based on the issues and weaknesses they have. Expressing one’s ideas and plans has become so much easier with our internet of things.

Our IoT control system can tackle the management of multiple classrooms at once and can provide them with an amazing and efficient class experience. It is designed for the integration of all the disciples and teachers.

internet of things for the classroom in a smart classroom lets the students work properly in a group for testing their abilities and gets free expressions and free writing. They can create an environment that is both friendly and competitive at the same time. Being competitive in nature helps them improving others as well as improving themselves. Not to mention, competing with each other, they understand everyone better and can form proper socialization. As a result, they can feel comfortable working with each other even more. None of this would be possible (or easy) without our IoT software. We use our IoT software to develop mutual motivation and proper interactions. By this, students can bring out their potentials. Collaborating with the whole class, the students have a chance to learn proper manners. Each student can learn the proper skills of managing a group and leadership as he/she can be selected as the next leader of the group.

Teaching the students with new and innovative systems is great but with suitable and advanced internet of things for the classroom is even better. No student should stay behind. Our IoT software makes sure that doesn’t happen. It just opens the door for many new possibilities and plans for the future.

Lighting Control Module

3 - light control module, control all lights in the classroom.


  • Easy to Use

    The status of the equipment is clear at a glance, and one-key on & off and combination use of the equipment are available.

  • Energy Saving Design

    Automatically detect the operating status of each device, and record device power consumption in real time.

  • Data Collection & Analysis

    Collect equipment status and environmental data in real time.

  • Safe & Intelligent

    Timely discover potential safety hazards and promptly notify the relevant staff.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, smoke, harmful gases and equipment.

  • Compatible Expansion

    Realize multiple modes and LCD panel control, remote mobile phone app and data management.

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