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A well-designed iPad/tablet/laptop charging cart for schools helps to keep your devices safe and sound, while powering it up and be ready for your next project.

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We all know how important it is to keep our education systems updated with the help of the technologies of the modern era. For the schools of different countries, Indota tries to bring in the best laptop charging cartfor schools, acart for charging important devices like tablets or laptops. A tablet charging cart is a cart that can be put in a specified place of the classroom for charging iPads or laptops of the school. Well, in school, tablet charging cart are not just used for charging tablets purpose, but these carts can be used for keeping your laptops after the students are finished with their class. These laptop charging carts for schools are suitable for educational environments, especially for places where many laptops need to be charged. In schools that feature smart classroom systems will need these ipad charging cart for schools for continuing their activities by charging their mobile, laptop, or iPads using the tablet charging carts. In the group activities, each group has to share almost 5-7 tablets and to charge them when they are out of power, our tablet charging carts come into play. Our laptop charging cartfor schools can be customizable based on the number of laptops you might have. We provide you with the best quality products for schools so that the students can stop worrying while charging their iPads in an ipad charging cart for schools.

Our laptop charging carts were designed and built by Anthro, a company renowned for its amazing tablet and laptop charging cart technologies. They used the best materials on these iPad charging cartfor school to make it suitable for school activities. These laptop charging carts can be easily moved while charging heavy laptops and tablets and also has all the functions to make it easier for everyone to charge on the tablet charging cart. With a really high capacity, these laptop and ipad charging cart for schools are surely going to be amazing tools for schools. Let’s look at why these laptop charging carts for school are suitable for educationalenvironments.

Our laptop charging carts for schoolwere built with well-furnished plastic and steel sheets to make them highly durable for working longer in school. Anthro used ABS plastic separators on the trays of the tablet charging carts so that the student in school can put or plug their laptops or iPads for charging on the ipad charging cart for schools even with little knowledge on our laptop charging carts. To let no cable to be entangled while charging your tablet, they added cable management systems on the tablet charging carts.

For the interior parts, they added all the necessary equipment and systems on our laptop charging carts forschool working efficiently in educational environments. For example, these laptop charging carts have an input voltage of 100V to 240V, which is good for smaller and bigger devices like a laptop or iPad for charging via the ipad charging cart for schools in the school. Also, these carts have a rated current of 10A and 50/60HZ. To make it safer for the users of a school, the laptop charging carts have buttons switches with indicator lights. This makes it possible to know whether any certain plug of the tablet charging cart has an electrical connection or not. Anthro added a smart power management system on the laptop charging cartfor schools so that the cart can distribute enough amount of power for different devices, whether it is charging some devices on thelaptop charging cartfor schools or iPads or both. There are indicator lights for tablets.

Thinking about how different schools may need different types, we offer two versions for our iPad charging cartfor schools, a USB version with a 1-door system, and an AC version with a 2-door system. For the USB version, there are light and dark grey colors available. The color of the AC version can be customizable. For charging purposes, you can get either a power stripe or a 5V USB power system. A laptop might overheat while charging in the laptop charging cartfor schools for a long time so, we added cooling fans and reserved ventilations to keep them safe in the school.

We added 4-5 inches wheels on our iPad charging cart for schools to make it easier for the students to move them between different classrooms of a school.

The Necessary Safety Facilities for Laptop & Tablet & Ipad Charging Cart for Schools

The charging carts you miss are all here in Indota ---- Laptop & Tablet & Ipad Charging Cart for schools.
In recent years, smart classrooms have rapidly spread globally. But it also brings a lot of troubles to the charging of devices such as ipads, tablets and notebooks. Safety is one of the most important factors. Product quality is the foundation for the survival and development of an enterprise. 
Indota’s laptop & tablet & ipad charging cart has undergone strict quality control testing from industrial design to product processing. We pay attention to details and strive for perfection. The accessories of each product are carefully selected by the purchaser.

1. Internal Storage: Separation of strong and weak electricity effectively guarantees the safety of equipment and users.
2. Leakage Protection: Prevent short circuit leakage to protect personal safety.
3. Anti-theft Setting: Fully enclosed anti-theft structure for safe storage.
4. Power Protection: Provide a stable power output with constant current and constant voltage for the devices such as ipad & laptop & tablet.
5. Short Circuit Protection: equipped with leakage protector, with overload and short circuit protection functions.
6. Overheating Protection: According to the working environment temperature, automatically turn on the cooling fan to achieve the purpose of cooling down.