Charging Locker and Chromebook Charging Station for Classroom | Indota

Our intelligent locker is a secured charging locker cabinet for iPads, laptops and tablets. It is also an ideal Chromebook charging station for classroom.

Indota is popular for supervising intelligent smart classroom solutions that uphold the standard of teaching and learning. They work to ensure the production of an environment that enhances the engagement of the students and lets the teachers promote their highest teaching capabilities. Indota provides a huge number of modernized appliances that increase the comfort level of the classrooms. Students tend to be more active throughout different sessions carried out in such smart classrooms and get access to enjoy various modern equipment. Advanced accessories that are present in every smart classroom include- charging locker, rotating chairs, lifting tables, Chromebook charging stations, training chairs, and many more.

Indota has separated its platform into three categories. All of the categories implement various changes in the way education is portrayed amongst the students. Here, the students go through the best group-level learning and require access to different digital equipment to receive all the information that will be supplied by the educator. The various alteration in the arrangements of the classrooms allows the teachers to implement different teaching modes. Overall, an interactive and motivating atmosphere gets composed in such classroom solutions.

Interestingly, in all the classroom solutions, your electrical appliances are needed like the Chromebook, iPad, laptop, etc. When you are working on such devices, the existence of your device's energy is an issue that must be considered. And Indota has the solution for it too. They have installed charging lockersand Chromebook charging stations for the classroom.

These charging lockersare not only capable of providing potential energy but also hold the feature to store your devices securely. Moreover, due to the principle of dynamic and collaborative classrooms, the position of the charginglockersneeds to be changed frequently. That is why Indota has both the charging lockersand Chromebook charging stationsportable.

Quick Overview Of The Products

Intelligent charging locker

These charginglockers can store items and charge your devices conveniently. You can access your information after undergoing your selected security complication like fingerprint authentication, card swipe, face recognition, WeChat, passwords, etc. Such high-profile security makes it wise enough to be used everywhere.

Intelligent Chromebook charging station

Chromebook charging stations for classroomshave huge space inside and can store easily your electronic devices that require to stay safe and charged. If the space inside your Chromebook starting stationdoes not meet your needs, then you can customize it to hold greater space for storage. The Chromebook charging stations for classroomshave built-in wheels to allow you easy portability and versatility throughout the classrooms. Cooling options and reserve ventilation are installed in every Chromebook charging stationand they are certified to not only charge chromebook but also your other devices like iPads and laptops. Chromebook charging stations for classroomsare made from plastic and steel which makes it highly durable for use. It also includes an external switch and indicator light along with the power socket to alarm if any mishap occurs. The surface of every Chromebook charging stationis treated through the electrostatic spray and the colors can be customized according to your desire. Chromebook charging stations for classroomsis an important facility that allows safe storage, efficient charging, and adequate portability.


Indota possesses a lot of information and data for the students and also the students need to access certain information through technology. To do so, their electronics must accompany them in the classrooms. Being completely modernized demands modern solutions for any sort of trouble. That is why these charging lockersand Chromebook charging stations for classroomsare essential for the students' comfortable applications.

Intelligent Locker

Indota intelligent locker can access items in various ways such as face recognition, card swipe, fingerprint authentication, WeChat, passwords, etc., with high security and simple access operation, which can store items and charge mobile devices such as computer tablet phones . It can be widely used in places such as factories, enterprises, schools, institutions, etc., to meet people's needs for item storage, safe storage and mobile device charging.

Highlights of the product

  • Strong Expandability

    Can be used in conjunction with the campus card.

  • Smart & Convenient

    Support face recognition to access items. One person can use multiple boxes.

  • Wide Range Applications

    Can be applied to a variety of scenarios, factories, schools, enterprises and institutions.

Product Specifications