Multi-group Interactive Smart Classroom

Solution Introduction

It solidifies the formation of student-centered teaching. Students see the teaching content clearly and the intensive involvement creates a good atmosphere of mutual motivation and active exploration. Teaching becomes interactive and flexible and each student is an active member and may be nominated the group’s spokesperson in the classroom. The table is recommended for college campuses and it presents the best group level learning and discussion mode.


Solution Overview

  • Comprehensive Support

    Comprehensive Support

    It provides comprehensive support for a series of group discussions such as group grouping, group discussion exchange, group results display. It builds a smart teaching environment with communication and discussion, multi-screen interaction and result

  • Stable Interaction Pattern

    Stable Interaction Pattern

    The matrix switcher handles how and where teaching information displayed on the classroom screen and on the group screens.

  • Wireless Screen

    Wireless Screen

    The content on the mobile device can be linked via Wi-Fi to enable small screen and large screen interaction to make the classroom environment more free and easy.

  • Intelligent Environment Control

    Intelligent Environment Control

    Achieve the full range of Internet of things control functions such as one key control of PC, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, projector, screen and speaker equipment.

Main Products


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