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Multi-group Interactive Smart Classroom of indota is equiped with a multi-screen interactive teaching system that makes visual teaching easy and effective.

With some great and innovative classroom ideas, Indota brings its student the advanced interactive smart classroom that maintains proper formations among the students and opens the possibility of learning about not only the lessons but also leadership and interactive works. Using this way, no student stays behind. We try to ensure that all the members from different sections of the classrooms can work with each other. This multi-group interactive smart classroom avoids the common mistake by many other classroom designs where the teacher stays as the center of the classroom. Instead, this method tries to keep the students as the center of the attraction which resulting in them learning even more effectively. In this way, literally, any of the young learners can be selected as the group leader or spokesperson of his/her own section and make sure that each of his/her group members can involve properly in the class activities. They can become the source of their own motivation. It can create a friendly yet competitive environment. The desks and chairs are arranged in a way that all the students can see and hear the lessons perfectly. To give you a better idea of how this system works and how it can help your pupils acquire their knowledge and bring out their potential, go through the list below.

Group Works-Multi-group interactive smart classrooms make sure to bring the students within a series of group activities. All the students can take part in the group works and discuss their lessons. They can share ideas and plans. Multiple groups can interact with each other and compare their different programs. They can also create competitions among them and test not only their own abilities but also check and solve issues any individual may be facing. People say that competition is a way of befriending and understanding each other more clearly. Indota’s interactive classroom literally brings that saying into reality.

Matrix Switcher- To ensure the perfect involvement of all the disciples, Indota brings in the advanced stable network pattern that can control the displays. Depending on the positions of the students and teacher, the system can change the display of the lesson information so that everyone can see the lessons properly. This functional network works with the help of the matrix switcher handles and helps the students concentrating on the lessons. Since the information is not only on the class display but also on the group screens, the students don’t need to keep turning their heads to see the main class screen.

Wi-Fi Connections-Indota brings the features of modern technologies and utilizes them to assist students in experiencing a more functional study system. To achieve maximum easiness and effectiveness, we use Wi-Fi connections to link among different mobile and computer devices. As a result, students from the multi-groupinteractivesmart classroom can form a communicative and interactive atmosphere with each other freely. It also reduces their problems in giving their attention to the class. These wireless screens make it possible to share their ideas with more practicality as they are not only showing the plans in some pieces of paper but instead, they are doing it on their screens and can easily take help from the internet for different aspects of the lessons.

Functional Equipment-Indota not only focuses on the bond among groups of students but to reach the maximum functionality, we bring in every type of instrument and accessories. This equipment helps the students in their classroom and also, they are there for different unique purposes. Well-controlled lighting and air conditioning keep the environment suitable for an amazing classroom experience. Meanwhile, there are projectors, speakers, and controllable screens in every section of the class to enhance the communications.

Indota always tries to aid students from different countries in every way possible. Multi-group interactive smart classrooms are a part of this project.

Multi-group Interactive Smart Classroom

Solution Introduction

It solidifies the formation of student-centered teaching. Students see the teaching content clearly and the intensive involvement creates a good atmosphere of mutual motivation and active exploration. Teaching becomes interactive and flexible and each student is an active member and may be nominated the group’s spokesperson in the classroom. The table is recommended for college campuses and it presents the best group level learning and discussion mode.

Solution Overview

  • Comprehensive Support

    It provides comprehensive support for a series of group discussions such as group grouping, group discussion exchange, group results display. It builds a smart teaching environment with communication and discussion, multi-screen interaction and result

  • Stable Interaction Pattern

    The matrix switcher handles how and where teaching information displayed on the classroom screen and on the group screens.

  • Wireless Screen

    The content on the mobile device can be linked via Wi-Fi to enable small screen and large screen interaction to make the classroom environment more free and easy.

  • Intelligent Environment Control

    Achieve the full range of Internet of things control functions such as one key control of PC, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, projector, screen and speaker equipment.

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