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Indota brings you intelligent classroom solution with a promise of boundless service. Adopt our innovative design that brings you to a new level of education.

Indota constructs global innovative,intelligent classroom solutions, which, as a provider, effectuates to constant improvements. The platform originated in Europe and created global innovative,intelligent classroom solutions. It inaugurates rich classroom solutions that were initially developed for the local market, which was then modified for international use. 

It provides adaptable, intelligent, and trouble-free products for any teaching abodes. Indota exceeds traditional classroom furniture, introduces intellectual appliances, and portrays a future for industry users and consumers. As a manufacturer of smart classrooms, Indota is ardent towards constant updates to its product lines and commits remarkable R&D to ensure superior and innovative products to conclude intelligent classroom solutions ready for implementation in any part of the world.

In Indota, the classroom solutions are distributed in three categories, which are given below:

1.Multi-group interactive smart classroom

2.Dynamic smart classroom land

3.Collaborative interactive smart classroom.

Indota'sintelligent classroom solutionsuse modern multimedia technology that creates a classic atmosphere where the students can receive teaching from professional and experienced teachers and observe their discussions. The tables and chairs are synergetic, portable, and numerous. Students could be pulled together into different sizes of groups according to their adaptation of a course better in any discipline. It is possible by composing different classrooms prepared as per the most relevant types of solutions or by the facility of regrouping the students within the classroom. 

Producing an ideal teaching environment:

Dynamic classrooms are like an accelerator to an advanced teaching method as it permits configuration changes of the class to swap quickly between different teaching modes such as sitting in rows, circles, squares, blended teaching, small class teaching, and so on. These types of solutions are created to enhance classroom interactivity and creativity, which results in effective engagement. And so, the learning structure could become more of a social, interactive, and factual method rather than an unchanged approach between the teachers and the students. Starting with, the smart interactive chair has high-qualified mobility that satisfies basic needs and principles. The tables' formation and color could be customized according to the school's taste to encourage interactive learning between teachers and students. The writing pads could be adjusted in such a way that students of all ages and sizes can use it comfortably. 

Teachers could select a variety of media as in text-message, sounds, videos, pictures, and animations, etc., to present the development and application of knowledge evocatively. As a result, this stimulates students' senses to portray their imaginative thoughts, which involves them in the classroom. Intelligent classroom solutionsallow information to stream amidst the students within groups using a phone or computer which is linked to the groups' members. It molds a passive acceptance of knowledge into an active discussion that shares effective and efficient knowledge. Students could take the initiative to gain knowledge in a better way. Intelligent classroom solutionsare devised with interactive systems, chairs, tables, control, sound reinforcement systems, etc. 

In Indota's interactive classrooms, small class groups can be ignited by sorting out the table arrangements easily. The chairs' versatility enables the teachers to employ the appropriate pattern that harmonizes the educational method they want to implement. Such innovations are fine for individual study along with group discussions and various sorts of researches. It meets all kinds of discipline, teachings, and groupings.


Indota is one of the finest global platforms that proffers intelligent classroom solutions with unique services that allow a great atmosphere to be invented to compose the perfect relation between the students and the teachers.


Indota originated in Europe and created global innovative smart classroom solutions. As a provider of smart classroom solutions, Indota commits to continuous improvements. It has devoted significant R&D expenditure to this already and will continue to do so to bring new rich classroom solutions.  We, Indota, serve the global teaching and training market.

In Indota we divide classroom solutions in 3 categories, which are: the dynamic smart classroom, the collaborative interactive smart classroom and the multi-group interactive smart classroom.