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Indota brings you Chromebook charging cart/trolley secured tools to keep your devices safe and in full power.

Devices like mobile and iPads are a part of our daily life. No matter wherever we go, we bring our beloved devices with us. They provide us with not only different ways of communication but also there are lots of stuff one can perform with these gadgets. They can deliver us with entertainment, knowledge, and ideas along with many other utilities. However, just like everything, your laptop, mobile, or chromebook will slowly run out of power and need charging after using it for a long time. It’s not an issue when you are at home but when outside, this can turn into a source of your worry. Nobody likes to walk around with a device with dead battery. Just for situations like these, Indota advanced chromebookcharging carts are available for charging your chromebook, laptop, and other devices.

Our laptop and chromebook charging trolley are really popular and are being used in different countries of the world. Everything about this product is wondrous and of peak qualities. They are stable and provide maximum protection to your chromebookor mobile while it is being charged in the chromebook charging cart. Because of this, one can use our charging carts, not only just for charging but also for storing their devices in proper safety after using it.

Our charging cart and trollies are designed by Anthro, one of the most famous companies for charging carts. People say that when you see a product created by Anthro, it represents proper manufacturing. These products are properly certified.

Standards That Make Our Charging Cart the Best

These chromebook charging carts have excellent trays to put your multiple chromebooksdevices at the same time. Meanwhile, the chromebook charging trolley you will get from us can store even more chromebooksthan it can charge. Here are the complete details of them.

Our chromebook charging carts are compatible with not only smaller and medium-size devices like chromebookor tablets, but it can also charge bigger electronics gadgets like multiple large-sized laptops. You can get any of the 2 versions of our chromebook charging trolly, one of them is the AC version that can charge up to 33 chromebooksand laptops. And the other one is the USB version that has a capacity of 36 bays. For charging cables, a chromebook charging cart of us can provide one of two- a perfect power stripe with different types of retractable power cables for different types of mobiles and chromebooksor a 5V USB power. It is completely optional. They have indicators that are only for tablets and also optional. To keep it safer while people are plugging in their devices, there are button switches with indicator lights to on or off the power cable so that no accidents happen. Also, there are power sockets. Anthro did a great job choosing the best materials to use on the hardware of our charging carts and trollies. To build a chromebook charging trolly or cart, they use high-grade plastic and steel to make it really stable and safe while charging your chromebook. To deliver an easy and quick-moving, they added 4-5 inches long wheels that also with brake. They used smart power management systems on these chromebook charging carts to control and share the power properly to different chromebook, laptops, and mobiles at the same time. Our product has an input voltage of 100V-240V and a rated current of 10A; 50/60 Hz. Reserved ventilation and fan cooling options were used on our chromebook charging trolly for internal cooling lest the chromebookscan get damaged due to overheating. As for the device tray, Anthro used ABS plastic separators along with cable management. They used electrostatic spray on the surface. They are available in black and white colors that are also customizable.

A chromebook charging trolly or cart can be used not only in the classrooms but also in many different places such as in a restaurant, museum, or even in your house when many guests appear and need their mobiles or chromebooksto be charged. They will give you complete power source and protections for your devices, no matter where you are.

Chromebook & Ipad Charging Cart

These carts are used everywhere, from schools, libraries, laboratories to museums and to restaurants. So wherever you are, our smart storage & charging solutions are there to make sure your devices are safe & charged.

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