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The mobile training chairs match easily with your classroom layout. Ergonomically designed, the chairs strike a balance between comfort and functionality.

Indota took the whole world by a strong wind by presenting their smart classrooms globally. The innovative and intelligent solutions employ magnificent and outstanding answers in engaging the students' minds into the depth of knowledge. Such smart classrooms enable the teachers to exhibit their utmost teaching efficiency and aid them to properly manage all of the students at once. Indota has successively divided their whole teaching department into three divisions- dynamic classrooms, collaborative classrooms, and multi-group classrooms.

All of these sections are enhanced with modernized equipment that cherishes the way teaching is implemented. These accessories include various smart features that allow the students to receive knowledge and study comfortably in the pattern they desire. The teachers are also able to receive these exceptional services and can easily increase their teaching efficiency and engage the students more in the subjects without any rough and tough solutions. The technological accessories include- an intelligent lifting table, intelligent conference chair, intelligent conference table, intelligent control network system, intelligent training chair, intelligent locker, smart rotating chairs, and many more.

Wherever you go through smart classrooms, the dynamic components are the smart table and the innovative training chairs. And Indota has exactly made these two elements completely advanced. The rotary tables proffer adequate class arrangements that allow independent study, group study, and exploratory teaching, but always remains incomplete without the training chairs. The training chairs are essential attachments that are beneficial in every teaching division. The usefulness of the training chairsare noted below:

Use of training chairsin Dynamic Smart Classrooms

In dynamic smart classrooms, the entire layout of the class can be changed in accordance with what the teaching mode is to be implemented. The traditional sitting arrangements that were practiced everywhere are now changed completely into diverse and complex layouts to allow further teaching modes like small class teaching, flipped classroom, blended teaching, and exploratory teaching to take place. This solution is carried out by the assistance of rotating tables and training chairs. The easy mobility of the training chairsallows every individual to alter the pattern easily and swiftly. It satisfies the need of employing various disciplines and besides, the configuration of the training chairsfollows the fundamentals of ergonomics.

Application of training chairsin collaborative smart classrooms

Collaborative interactive smart classroom solutions generate an exclusive classroom that presents distinctive groups between teachers and students for long discussions. This sort of teaching method is designed by arranging the entire classroom layout into different forms for different teaching modes. This is dependent on the flexibility and versatility of the furniture that allows the management to arrange a perfect layout that matches with the teaching program. And as a result, the training chairs provide the upper hand in accomplishing such complex and innovative ideas. These chairs are highly transportable and can simply co-ordinate with the multiple arrangements of the classroom. Therefore, they improve communication and relaxation inside the classroom. The training chairsare adequate for the application of different group activities in the classroom and swiftly adheres to the treatment of multiple disciplines.


It is obvious that the significance of the training chairs is immeasurable. It consists of a steel base that is very firm and enduring, to guarantee the protection of the users. The high-quality chairs allow easy storage as they are foldable and eventually saves a huge amount of space inside the classroom. None of the smart classroom solutions can even think of producing a communicative and engaging atmosphere without the application of these superior training chairs.

Training Chair

The chairs are highly mobile and can easily match the various layouts of the classroom and therefore, they enhance classroom interaction and fun. It is suitable for the use in multi-group smart classroom and in collaborative smart classroom. The design is in compliance with the principle of ergonomics, and has high mobility. With the use of a splicing table, we aim to strengthen the teaching mode of group teaching.

Highlights of the product

  • Group Teaching

    Group teaching, with mobility, to meet the use of different disciplines.

  • Solid & Durable

    Steel base, stable and durable, to ensure the safety of users.

  • Save Space

    Fold and store to save classroom space.

Product Specifications