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To realize Internet of Things in the classroom, Indota's Infrared Remote Control Module helps you to collect data and take control over the room easily.

Indota's innovative applications have completely shifted the scenario of smart classrooms throughout the world. Their modernized equipment and explicit integrated control system make the classroom's entire environment engaging and attractive for the students. This also allows and aids the teachers to implement an easy and comfortable teaching method without the need for any extra hassle. Indota, with the use of the internet of things in the classroom has made the impossible possible.

Indota being itself a smart classroom solution provider, always strives to proffer more beneficial and efficient accessories so that the classroom's internal environment develops into the best one. Their applications and the involvement of the internet of things in the classroom enable magnificent outcomes to flourish in the education system. The main insights of the internet of things in the classroom can be seen in the IoT classrooms. Therefore, let us look through the sensory smart classrooms that portray the most advanced modernized equipment with higher technology involvement.

IoT classrooms are structured with the research of the internet of things in the classroom along with the application of technology. These classrooms amputate all the gadgets from one single terminal through a wireless gateway and transmit data accumulated from different sources. It is then instantly exhibited on the clients' monitor without any waste of time, paper, and energy. The teachers execute this entire process as they supply information on the complete discussion topic amid all the classroom students without any hassle. It eventually increases the efficiency of the classroom. This overall determination of the sensory smart classroom can be executed due to the internet availability of things in the classroom. Such an extraordinary and time-saving process of communicating between all the students at once empowers the teacher to perform more productive and dynamic teaching.

A thorough tour of the internet of things in the classroom

The accumulation and proper implementation of big data and the management of all the devices require a hi-tech control system. That is why the IoT technology is attached to the classroom multimedia technology through the wireless terminal that can be interacted with any mobile control devices to form a smart integrated control system. This integrated control system is known as the IndotaIoT management platform.

IndotaIoT management platform reveals the state of multiple crucial peculiarities that are essential for producing a suitable atmosphere for both the teachers and the students. This platform notifies us about the status of the classroom temperature, humidity, equipment switch, equipment used, air quality, etc.- with the use of one-key control. The description of the situation of each component can be observed at a glance. Also, they automatically identify the working station of specific equipment and reports the device power dissipation in actual-time. It accumulates both the accessory data and the environment data at the same time without wasting a single minute. The IoT management platform provides an upper hand to stay safe as they can instantly identify any hazard and inform the associated personnel. This management consists of multiple modes and LCD panel control, along with an exclusive mobile phone app and data administration.


Indota has successfully employed the internet of things throughout its empire of classroom solutions with the sole motive of producing a comfortable and manageable environment for the teachers. Side by side, a powerful and engaging atmosphere is also built for the students to receive as much knowledge as possible. The application of such innovative integrated control systems allows easy maintenance of all the activities inside the classroom and proffers a smart and intellectual teaching method. It is truly an exclusive determination for the benefits of students and also the teachers.

Indota IoT Management Platform

It is used for each classroom, showing the status of each equipment in the classroom, temperature and humidity, air quality, equipment switch, etc., with one-key control.


  • Easy to Use

    The status of the equipment is clear at a glance, and one-key on & off and combination use of the equipment are available.

  • Energy Saving Design

    Automatically detect the operating status of each device, and record device power consumption in real time.

  • Data Collection & Analysis

    Collect equipment status and environmental data in real time.

  • Safe & Intelligent

    Timely discover potential safety hazards and promptly notify the relevant staff.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, smoke, harmful gases and equipment.

  • Compatible Expansion

    Realize multiple modes and LCD panel control, remote mobile phone app and data management.

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