Smart Classroom Central Controller for Smart Classroom

It provides an interactive video platform to teachers and students. Two video modes are available: one, to broadcast the teacher's teaching content to the display devices of each group in real time and, two, the group teaching mode where the teacher controls switching the display devices of each group at any time to share resources among groups.

Highlights of the product

  • Strong stability

    The matrix switcher handles how and where teaching information displayed on the classroom screen and on the group screens.

  • One - key Broadcast, One - key Switch Screen

    With one key "broadcast" button, it is possible to broadcast the content of the teacher in real time to the desktop display of each group of students. The information of a group can also be shared to the main screen in the classroom.

  • Wireless Screen

    The content on the mobile device can be linked via Wi-Fi to realize small screen and large screen interaction and it makes the classroom environment more free and easy.

  • Intelligent Environment Control

    Achieve the full range of Internet of Things control function, one key control PC, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, projector, screen and speaker equipment.

Product Specifications