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The multi-screen interactive teaching system includes an intelligent conference table that enables visual teaching to provide a greater learning experience.

Multi-screen Interactive Teaching System|Indota

In a school, the prime goal of the teachers is to find new and smart ways and ideas to make it easier for the students to learn their lessons and also learn the values of good and proper behaviors. Even if we help them by a little, it can play a big role in bringing out their potential and creating their bright future. Now, of course, to do these, we need to take help from the fast-growing technologies and smart classroom systems of the current times. To keep up with the twenty-first century, Indota always tries to help students from different regions in their classrooms.

Thinking about how to assist the young learners in the best possible ways, we brought the multi-screen interactive teaching system that doesn’t only open new possibilities for the pupils to spread their ideas but also helps their teachers in collecting the information on learning behaviors and act based on that. Our classroom systems have all the necessary equipment that can make it easier for your students to work in a group with maximum comfort and easiness. These teaching systems are created based on group activities. Let’s look at the qualities of our teaching systems that make them really effective and helpful.

Group Work and Group Discussions

In our multi-screen interactive teaching system, a student never learns alone. He/she always are a part of a group. Every single member of a group depends on the other group members just as much as they depend on him/her. This works great as a way of socializing for the students. There are various displays and screens all over the classrooms which make it easier for the students to see and understand the lessons and discuss them. In these classroom systems, literally, any of the group members can be selected as the group’s spokesperson, whether by voting or other ways. As a result, they also learn leadership and can take care of each other. Mutual motivations are a great way of inspiring students.

Smart Technologies

A smart classroom will need smart technologies. We provide the classrooms with equipment that aren’t just some expensive teaching tools but they are actually suitable and functional for the class. For the students, we bring advanced and latest devices like projectors and screens. The information on the screen can be controllable and the members can decide which screen they want to display the information on. As a result, no students stay behind in terms of gaining knowledge. As for the power source of the devices, we deliver well-built charging cabinets. Also, our smart classroom has air condition and proper lighting systems to keep the environment fresh. The devices allow the students to collect information from anywhere on the internet to use on their research and plans.

Smart Wireless Screens

Indota provide students from different countries with up-to-date instruments. While using valuable devices, nobody wants to carry around and plug in all those cables and wires here and there. To make it easier for students in a smart teaching system to share their ideas among them, they can use Wi-Fi connections which is a fast way to communicate.

Smart Class Design

In our multi-screen interactive teaching system, we arrange the class in proper ways to let everyone join the communications. Normally, each group will be made of 7-10 members and we built our desks and chairs according to that. Also, it makes it easier for the teacher to keep track of all the groups.

Our teaching system is a way to aid every single person in the classroom. In a group, the member can solve problems of individual group members and thus they can form a bond between them that benefits their learning as well.

Intelligent Conference Table

Use: As modern teaching focuses on practice, sharing, interaction and inspiration, teachers can easily use tablet computers, laptops, etc. to share slides, pictures, videos to large screens and they can encourage participants to master the knowledge by actively using these tools. Micro-classroom teaching: The table is used for micro-classroom teaching where participants/students can share the micro-learning videos in the same space at the same time. After sharing, they can communicate with classmates and teachers to improve learning greatly. Results Display: Students can also display their practice results on the big screen in the classroom to give feedback on what they have learned. The teaching content can be seen clearly during the concentrated lectures and the students of each group can demonstrate separately during group discussions. Capacity: The intelligent conference table can accommodate up to 5 people at the same time for discussion and learning, effective communication and knowledge sharing.

Highlights of the product

  • Widely Used

    Flexible and easy to use, to solve the problem of group teaching.

  • Visual Teaching

    The group discussion information can be shared simultaneously and the results of the discussion can be presented easily. 

Product Specifications