Intelligent Conference Table

Use: As modern teaching focuses on practice, sharing, interaction and inspiration, teachers can easily use tablet computers, laptops, etc. to share slides, pictures, videos to large screens and they can encourage participants to master the knowledge by actively using these tools. Micro-classroom teaching: The table is used for micro-classroom teaching where participants/students can share the micro-learning videos in the same space at the same time. After sharing, they can communicate with classmates and teachers to improve learning greatly. Results Display: Students can also display their practice results on the big screen in the classroom to give feedback on what they have learned. The teaching content can be seen clearly during the concentrated lectures and the students of each group can demonstrate separately during group discussions. Capacity: The intelligent conference table can accommodate up to 5 people at the same time for discussion and learning, effective communication and knowledge sharing.

Highlights of the product

  • Widely Used

    Flexible and easy to use, to solve the problem of group teaching.

  • Visual Teaching

    The group discussion information can be shared simultaneously and the results of the discussion can be presented easily. 

Product Specifications