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The Intelligence Conference Chair is a type of smart office chair in compliance with the principle of ergonomics that brings great comfort with high mobility.

Indota is currently known world-wide for its smart, intelligent, and innovative smart classroom solutions that they have spread successively in every corner. The main reason behind their outstanding step is to bring knowledge directly inside the minds of the students and provide the teachers with comfortable maintenance to carry out the most efficient teaching. 

This prominent teaching platform has divided themselves into three categories- dynamic intelligent classrooms, collaborative intelligent classrooms, and multi-group intelligent classrooms. They always strive to perform better and provide the topmost environment for both the teachers and students. Such an atmosphere provokes a smooth and effective bond with education amongst the students and teachers. All of these wise activities are carried out by the application of advanced modernized devices that embraces the process of teaching. These accessories incorporate several characteristics that enable the pupils to acquire education and study conveniently in any format they aspire. On the other side, the teachers are also benefited from using the devices as they obtain excellent services from them which enhances and develops their teaching performances and involves the students more into their respected subjects without any struggles. 

If you ever go through the multi-group intelligent classrooms, the first two things you will notice are the conference tables and the smart office chairs. Both of them contain high-quality features and offer excellent features. The conference table is adequate to fulfill all the modern teaching focuses and is accessed by students for micro-classroom teaching where they can spread micro-learning videos at the same time in the same place. Along with these, the smart office chairs are crucial additions that are advantageous in supplying appropriate mobility to the user. These smart office chairs accept any layout of the classroom solutions within seconds and allow easy alteration of teaching modes. Let us know more about the application of smart office chairs in multi-group classrooms.

Application of smart office chairs in multi-group classroom solutions

Multi-group interactive smart classroom solutions compress the organization of student-centered education. Learners here can observe and perceive the teaching elements and the concentrated engagement generates a pleasant environment of interactive motivation and dynamic research. Teaching turnabouts to be resilient and interesting and every student tends to become an active member in the multi-groups and may be selected as the spokesperson of the entire batch. Eventually, it constitutes a lively educational environment with innovative ideas and conversations, multi-screen interaction, and appropriate guidance.

Now, what is the role of the smart office chairs in this sector?

Smart office chairs are regularly not known by their name and are considered to be known as Intelligence Conference Chair. They are one of the fundamental pillars that hold the entire multi-group interactivity classrooms. To maintain a stable interaction pattern, smart office chairs play the main role. They are highly versatile and meet the ergonomic systems. Usually, smart office chairs are treated in unification with the intelligent conference table to produce an entire analysis teaching pattern. The biggest advantage of this equipment is that they can be easily shaped with multiple designs of the classroom without any trouble and as a result, improves classroom interaction and engagement. Also, it consists of a high bearing capacity with a stable bearing of 5 claws and prolongs its service entity.


The smart office chairs are an excellent part of the entire Indota community to render excellent class performances along with effective teaching and proper student involvement in every subject. Indota's vision and access to modernized hi-tech educational equipment assisted them to grow into what they are today. 

Intelligent Conference Chair

It has high mobility and satisfies ergonomic principles. Used in combination with the intelligent conference table to form a complete discussion teaching model.

Highlights of the product

  • Highly Mobility

    The chairs are highly mobile and can easily match the various layouts of the classroom and therefore, they enhance classroom interaction and fun.

  • Strong Bearing Capacity, Stability & Durability

    Stable bearing five claws: They enhance its bearing capacity and extend its service life.

Product Specifications