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The sesory smart IoT classroom of Indota allows real-time monitoring and data collection. Manage assets and take control of the classroom at your ffingertips.

Nowadays, everything can be done at the cost of no time. We can order food, do online shopping, business, and so on. These are all made possible because of the internet. So why not control your classroom with the assistance of the internet. Supposedly, you could manage the whole classroom at your fingertips by using an IoT classroom. With a sensory smart classroom, you will receive available Wi-fi, can conduct improvised classes, and get access to much more advanced features. All of such amazing high-tech maintenance is possible to experience in the IoT classrooms of Indota.

Indota has a powerful base and is spreading the power of smart classroom solutions like no one else. Their specialized IoT classrooms say it all. Smart classrooms are meant to consist of technological progressions like access to the internet, big monitors, multimedia interaction, modernized equipment, and many more. Indota with the application of IoT classrooms eventually enhanced the entire situation. Before, the teachers or the administration had to control individually all the smart gadgets present in the hallway. But now, IoT classrooms have altered these troublesome activities. Sensory smart classroomsenable the user to control all the gadgets and information easily with just one central network system. Unbelievable right? If it is so, then the following portion will help you realize the superiority of IoT classrooms.

Insights of the IoT Classrooms

The entire classroom is structured with a layer of things that consist of the research of Internet and application layer Technology. Every sort of modernization is implemented in this sensory smart classroom to portray a perfect educational environment that will guide the students systematically towards the route of success. IoT classrooms utilize Wi-Fi technology to accomplish seamless connection within the range of the smart classrooms. Everyone at once can receive data promptly in front of their screen with just a click. As a result, sensory smart classrooms endure a lot of efficiency in managing the teaching method by providing the utmost service.

IoT classrooms operate all the educational equipment inside the smart classrooms through the wireless smart gateway module and dispatch the data and reports assembled by multiple devices. It presents the information on the client monitor to implement the overall resolution of the sensory smart classroom. This is how the teachers can provide slides of the entire discussion with a click to all the students, and the students will have them within seconds in front of their eyes. Such a remarkable and time-consuming way of transmitting data in the midst of all the students, allows the teacher to implement more effective and efficient teaching.

The collection and utilization of big data and management of assets is the entire IoT classroom's principal role. IoT technology is combined with the classroom multimedia technology and can be interacted with mobile control devices to form a smart classroom integrated control system using wireless technology. This entire control system allows easy operational procedures, and the state of educational equipment of the classrooms can be observed clearly at once. In sensory smart classrooms, the central system can automatically detect the power consumption of the device and notifies when the energy is going to be over. Moreover, the integrated system is capable of discovering the safety hazards of the accessories and instantly alarms the users. IoT classrooms allow real-time monitoring and control of equipment, humidity, temperature, smoke, etc.- within a few seconds.


Indota enabled the perfect environment for engaging the students, and such innovative creation of IoT classrooms will help the teacher hugely enhance class interactivity and efficiency.

IoT classroom

Design Concept

Combined with the research of the Internet of Things network layer and application layer technology, using wifi technology to achieve seamless connection with the field of smart classrooms. Control the terminal equipment such as home appliances through the wireless intelligent gateway module, transmit the information collected by various sensing devices, and display it on the client terminal to provide the overall solution of the smart classroom IoT.


Due to the combination of IoT technology and classroom multimedia technology, each system is connected through wireless technology and communicates with mobile control devices through the network to form a smart classroom integrated control system, reflecting the technological innovation changes brought by the IoT technology to life. Realize the collection and utilization of big data and the management of assets.

Indota IoT Classroom Topology Map


  • Easy to Use

    The status of the equipment is clear at a glance, and one-key on & off and combination use of the equipment are available.

  • Energy Saving Design

    Automatically detect the operating status of each device, and record device power consumption in real time.

  • Data Collection & Analysis

    Collect equipment status and environmental data in real time.

  • Safe & Intelligent

    Timely discover potential safety hazards and promptly notify the relevant staff.

  • Real-time Monitoring

    Real-time monitoring and control of temperature, humidity, smoke, harmful gases and equipment.

  • Compatible Expansion

    Realize multiple modes and LCD panel control, remote mobile phone app and data management.

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