Smart Chairs with Adjustable Writing Table | Indota

The Smart Rotating Chairs of Indota is ergonomically designed and equiped with adjustable writing table that are suitable for diffferent students' needs.

Indota being a dynamic teaching platform, strives to produce enormous changes in the world of smart classroom solutions. Now, Indota is being considered a worldwide phenomenon and is growing day by day with an increased number of excellent outcomes and solutions. Their way of driving the students effectively into their respective studies and allowing the teacher to implement an efficient teaching procedure is praiseworthy. The largest-ever smart classroom solution provider has divided its territory into three sub-parts. And interestingly, all of the classroom solutions have one thing in common, which is the smart chairs. We will talk about these exemplary and distinctive advanced chairs later on and primarily, let us learn more about the classroom solutions.


The basic section of Indota's teaching platform is the dynamic classroom solution. The dynamic smart classrooms tend to be beneficial in implementing a dynamic way of teaching. This solution allows easy classroom changes and shifts between different teaching methods conveniently. The main goal of such classrooms is to enhance great interactivity between the students and to make the whole learning process more social, engaging, and experiential, rather than the conventional and traditional approach between the teacher and the students.

Then comes the collaborative interactive smart classrooms. These intelligent classrooms allow the layouts to be hyped up whenever the teacher decides to do so. The complete arrangement generates an exclusive environment that allows any sort of group discussion. It is also beneficial for individual learning and involves groupings in any discipline. The furniture is versatile and makes the complete solution to be successful as they proffer exemplary services to form the desirable layout.

Multi-group smart classroom allows student-centered teaching as the pupils can observe and receive the educational contents clearly and an intensive environment is produced that cultivates their minds to achieve more knowledge. The atmosphere inside the smart classrooms tends to be motivational and interactive that increases the engagement of every student.

All of such amazing atmospheres are grown by the assistance of remarkable educational equipment amongst which smart chairs are pivotal. That is why the importance of smart chairs are narrated in the following portion.

Role of smart chairs

The primary benefits of all the solutions that Indota offers require the basic feature of frequent movement of the furniture. That is why to carry out an efficient and smooth process the equipment that is needed for the relocation must be mobile and lightweight. Smart chairs inherit ingenious versatility and embrace ergonomic policies. Another striking peculiarity of the smart chairs is the writing pad. Writing pads attached with the smart chairs afford to provide adequate comfort to the students and are flexible for any size. They can be easily modified for individual usage.

Moreover, the rotatory smart chairs can be custom-made, which provides a huge advantage for educational institutions. Every school can apply the chairs' selective shape and color that will match the institution's requirements and nurture interactive learning between the students and teachers. As a result, the teachers can implement an environment that enhances teaching modes involving and engaging the students. What about the quality of the equipment? The smart chairs consist of crucial elements like nylon, flame-resistant plastic, etc. that determine the entire accessory be perfectly adequate for the students. The overall availability of having the capability of altering the sitting arrangements whenever it is needed is completely a blessing for the entire classroom.


Indota has successfully spread its territory of smart classroom solutions with the usage of smart educational equipment. These accessories made the platform distinctive from others and have allowed them to reach the peak of success.

Smart Rotating Interactive Chairs with Writing Pad

Indota smart rotating chair with writing pad has high mobility and satisfies ergonomic principles. The writing pad can be adjusted and students of all sizes can use it comfortably. The shape and color of the interactive chairs can be customized according to the needs of the school to promote interactive learning between teachers and students.

Highlights of the product

  • Highly Mobility

    The chairs are highly mobile and can easily match the various layouts of the classroom and therefore, they enhance classroom interaction and fun.

  • Environmental Friendly

    ABS engineering flame retardant plastic, nylon and other materials are used for injection molding.

  • Easy to Use

    A water cup holder on the lower right side of the panel is convenient and practical. The bottom of the square base is more comfortable as a foot rest and it can be used to store bags or other items to save space. 

Product Specifications