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Contact Indota for price of smart classroom setup. Cost of smart classroom is justified with innovative and effective products with continuous breakthroughs.

Indota is committed to forecasting and discussing their clients' requirements by rendering courteous assistance at every time. They aim to administer break-through and prominent merchandises and solutions to their clients. Such innovative products are installed in every smart classroom, which is why the smart classroom costis completely justified. The smart classroom pricehinders higher expenses due to the involvement of an intelligent smart class setup costthat proffers valuable education modes. The distinguished and modernized construction of the smart classrooms meets all the students' learning needs, along with a reasonable smart class setup cost.

Not a highersmart classroom cost, but the most comfortable and suitable one.

It is not about the investment of teaching hardware that increases the smart classroom price, but the production of a classroom that inherits the perfect environment to engage the students in the world of education. At the core historical aperture of enlightenment teaching, we should not avoid this improvement opportunity regardless of spending our attention in considering the smart class setup cost. Because the smart class setup priceis appropriate due to the presence of innovative, hi-tech appliances that proffer a new world for teaching.

The Central Control System

The smart classroom costappears to be rich as Indota has compelling multimedia engagement capacities that allow the draft theory of interaction capabilities based on security and loyalty's fundamental layout policy. Furthermore, the entire system inherits moderate energy expenditure scheme standards, extremely blended hi-tech ingredients, and allows long-lasting continuous operation; the presence of such innovative patterns doesn't alter the smart classroom price. The smart class setupincludes campus cards that efficiently register identification data and associate with the computerized class program to execute the class schedule automatically. Such remarkable operations are not carried out in other smart class setupsat the same price. Indotas intelligent classroom solutions' cost strives to be justified as the interface etiquette is open and can easily recognize the control instructions of other manufacturers and support other network control management.


The reason behind the smart classroom costcan be determined by going through the construction of Indota's innovative classroom solutions.

The magnificent classroom scheme and design coincide with students' educational demands and have accommodated the teachers' requirements for observation and analysis on student learning performance. All of such exemplary allowances constructs the smart classroom price to be acceptable. The smart class setupallows the students with free writing, while at the same time, they will be able to efficiently receive the assistance of support background and subject knowledge, which is an outstanding feature to receive at such a cost. The priceof the smart class setupincreases as the classroom solutions proffer effective and real-time data accumulation for educational behavior and contributes adequate space for the sequences of social networking and teaching.

For the same smart classroom cost, Indota enables higher standards of intelligent classrooms. But how? The smart class setupconsists of consents on analyzing and acquiring engaging education programs, all available at a reasonable price. For example, classroom sign-in info and classroom interface data will help you determine the students' performance of accepting knowledge and aids them to generate their learning method. Undoubtedly, the smart classroom priceis worth it.

Thirdly, the smart class setup costis considered to be justified because the entire smart class setup is not merely a place for learning management but also a place for students to study and socialize at the same price. The social nature of Indota's teaching platform, along with the smart classroom cost,is appreciated globally.

Indota's smart classroom price will not make people go bankrupt rather; such smart class setup costsare rare in today's world with such amazing innovations for the improvement of education.


Indota originated in Europe and created global innovative smart classroom solutions. As a provider of smart classroom solutions, Indota commits to continuous improvements. It has devoted significant R&D expenditure to this already and will continue to do so to bring new rich classroom solutions.  We, Indota, serve the global teaching and training market.

In Indota we divide classroom solutions in 3 categories, which are: the dynamic smart classroom, the collaborative interactive smart classroom and the multi-group interactive smart classroom. 

Service & Support

Service & Support

Indota is dedicated to anticipating and addressing the needs of our customers by providing attentive service at all times.

Our main objective is always to treat every customer's need with the ultimate sense of urgency.

We strive to offer effective, break-through (not"me-too") products and solutions to our customers.


After-sales service:

1. Warranty purpose: 7×24 hours for timely response, quick solution.

2. Warranty period: 3 years warranty under non-personal condition.

3. The product will be repaired for free if there is any quality problem during the warranty period.

4. Lifetime maintenance, after the warranty period, will be only charged the cost of materials.

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