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The tables in our Collaborative Interactive Smart Classroom are specially designed for both individual learning or group discussions to suit your needs.

Collaborative interactive smart classroomsenable a layout where the teachers and students combinedly create a suitable environment for the betterment of their learning. Various alternatives are implemented easily through world-class modernized equipment that frequently changes the scenario inside the collaborative classroomsso that the engagement and interaction increase vividly. Collaborative classroomstend to be highly potential in applying the most suitable teaching platform and composes a comfortable atmosphere to carry out different teaching modes.

In collaborative classrooms, the tables and chairs can be weaved around and produce satisfactory classroom design to strengthen the bond between knowledge and students by composing independent miniature class groups for internal studies. The tables are specially designed to carry out such intellectual and intelligent processes throughout these collaborative classrooms. The furniture's adaptability and affordability equip the teachers to determine the best suitable and beneficial arrangement that resembles the education plan they employ. Therefore, collaborative classroomsare competent for group discussions in any discipline, individual learning, and any types of large teaching and research.

The overall process inside the collaborative interactive smart classroomsis possible to be carried out because of the presence of technology. Technology is furnished through digitalization and modernized appliances. The pivotal ones amongst them are the various kinds of tables that are present in every collaborative classroom. So, let's take a look at them.

Collaborative Tables

Collaborative tables are one of the essential components to allow the teachers to employ the proper and adequate teaching methods amongst the students. These tables can be practiced for group discussions as well as individual learning. The collaborative tables inherit significant mobility that satisfies the requirements for different grouping types, use of distinct and varied disciplines, and functional teaching. These educational equipment are gentle enough to disassemble, permissive, and accessible to handle and connected whenever anyone decides to do so. You can also save enough space if the tables are not needed as they are designed to be foldable. Not only are the features remarkable, but the table is made of the finest organic materials that have the highest fire protection level and are certified to be one of the best by different higher authorities. Inside the collaborative classrooms, a mixture of teaching forms can be practiced to encourage interactive education and produces a great learning connection between teachers and students.

Lifting Table

An intelligent lifting table proffers adequate comfort for the students inside the collaborative interactive smart classrooms. The lifting table is an advanced modernized accessory that inhibits extra functions to supply congenial learning processes. It consists of three levels of high-memory levers for smooth and indulgent applications. Furthermore, the table has an installed monitor stand that permits the students to change the viewing distance by stretching the stand appropriately promptly. It also allows up and down movement that refrains the students from any exhaustion and tiredness. The table also consists of a lower cabinet that holds adequate space to store wires and other stuff. The overall build-up of the gift table allows multiple benefits and promotes comfortable interactivity.


Indota's foremost aspiration is to satisfy every customer's demands with the ultimate discernment of seriousness and urgency. The collaborative classroomis an element of the schoolhouse, and its scheme and capacity ascents also include the extension inclination of the whole campus's intellectual and intelligent knowledge construction. The extraordinary tables are portable, adjustable, and adaptable, which lets the students engage themselves in groupings to learn the best-suited courses in any discipline efficiently. The overall process is well-organized and efficacious.

Collaborative Interactive Smart Classroom

Solution Introduction

In the collaborative interactive smart classroom, teachers and students can splice tables and chairs at will and design the classroom layout to build exclusive small class groups for discussions. Flexibility of the furniture enables teachers to choose the best layout that matches the teaching method they apply. Good for individual learning, and encouraging group discussions in any discipline and any types of research and teaching. It meets the needs of different disciplines, types of grouping and teachings. 

Solution Overview

  • Splicing & Folding

    Both tables and chairs can be folded without disassembling. As the furniture is highly mobile, it meets the needs of different disciplines, types of grouping and teachings.

  • Diverse Teaching Scenarios

    The tables and chairs are movable, collaborative and multi-type,students can be grouped into different size groups according what suits a course best in any discipline.

  • Remote Control & Intelligent Management

    Remotely control the actions of the equipment in the classroom and detect their status. Manually input or import a semester schedule and the system will automatically manage the equipment in each classroom according to this schedule.

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