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The Dynamic Smart Classroom of Indota is equiped with the Intelligent Network Control System that enhances teaching efficiency with innovative and smart technology.

Indota, as a platform that provides smart classroom solutions, consists of efficient dynamic smart classrooms. The dynamic classroomshave dedicated meaningful R&D investments and will proceed to do so to induce innovative and precious classroom modules. Indota'sdynamic smart classroomsolutions serve the global education and teaching platform.

The dynamic classroom is the most extreme division of Indota to implement smart classroom solutions. It is the agitator to a unique and effective teaching form because it effortlessly supports arrangement variations of the dynamic smart classroomto shift between diverse education methods instantly. This dynamic classroomproffers exploratory teaching settings and immediately changes the environment like changing the sitting arrangements to circles or squares, sitting in traditional rows, and even enabling small class teaching, blended teaching, analytic teaching, and flipped classroom. Dynamic smart classroomsolutions are introduced to improve classroom engagement and interactivity so that the teaching method can be more experiential, social, and interactive. Dynamic classroomsexclude the inactive engagement of the students following the traditional processes.

The technology implemented in dynamic classroomstends to be innovative and smart due to the presence of high-tech products. Few of the highlights of the equipped tech are described below-

Rotating Chairs with Writing Pad

Dynamic smart classroomsconsist of ingenious rotating chairs with writing pads that have tremendous versatility and comforts ergonomic policies. The pad provided in the dynamic classroomscan be adjusted for students of all sizes so that they can easily access them. The chairs are customizable and can inherit the shape and color that the educational institution wants to install to match with the needs of the school and develop interactive teaching between students and teachers. In dynamic smart classrooms, advancements of interaction along with fun, is a must element. The chairs are high-quality and are manufactured with nylon, flame-retardant plastic, and other components to provide the students' perfect comfort.

Network Control System

The network control system is furnished with added boot methods such as remote power on and off, fingerprints, and IC card. All you have to do is manually enter the semester schedule, and the system will automatically maintain the facilities in every classroom following the input schedule. Indynamic classrooms, the network control system can remotely control the operations of the appliances. It enables comfort to the teachers by liberalizing them from responsibilities irrelevant to teaching and hence, develops their teaching competence.

Lifting Chair

The lifting chair is one of the most convenient digital accessories that will highly promote essential comfort for the students. The lifting chair consists of three levels of high-memory keys and requires a one-touch restoration of the preferred height. It consists of a professional monitor stand that can be coordinated to alter the viewing range to discharge cervical tiredness.


Dynamic classroomsconsist of Indota's intelligent locker that is one of the greatest modernized high-tech equipment that is mandatory for every smart classroom. The lockers can locate details in multiple forms, such as card swipe, WeChat, fingerprint authentication, face recognition, etc. These methods are carried out under high potential security and manageable access maintenance, which can collect details and charge devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. It is a great tool that fulfills every student's basic requirements, such as device charging, secured storage, etc.

Dynamic classroomsare one of the most advanced and revolutionary smart classroom solutions that enhance proper classroom engagement and interaction between the teacher and students. The learning process implemented through these classrooms can be more social and analytical with processing different teaching methods. It completely changes students' character and enables them to take the drive of studying in their desired best way.

Dynamic Smart Classroom

Solution Introduction

It is the catalyst to a new dynamic way of teaching as it easily allows configuration changes of the class to switch quickly between different teaching modes: sitting in traditional rows, change to circles, squares, small groups to further methods like blended teaching, small class teaching, flipped classroom teaching and exploratory teaching. This solution is to enhance classroom interactivity and engagement, so that the learning process can become more of a social, interactive and experiential process rather than a static approach to the individual in traditional methods.

Solution Overview

  • Comfortable experience

    The chairs are highly mobile and can easily match the various layouts of the classroom and therefore, they enhance classroom interaction and fun.

  • Diverse teaching scenarios

    The learning process can become more of a social, interactive and experiential activity with different teaching modes.

  • Role change

    It changes the role of students.They can take the initiative of learning the best way.

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