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As a key educational equipment in our Dynamic Smart Classrooms, the intelligent lifting table allows one-touch restoration of the preferred height.

As a global smart classroom solution provider, Indota has spread dynamic smart classroomseverywhere with high-quality educational equipmentthat will completely change teaching appearance. Significant R&D expenditures are assigned for the dynamic smart classrooms, and Indota will advance more to provoke fragile and valuable teaching platforms. The dynamic smart classroom solutions assist the global education and teaching platform to provide the best engaging education principles through innovative and intelligent educational equipment.

Dynamic classroomsolutions execute an energetic and intellectual teaching strategy that captures the young minds productively. Such innovative actions are possible to administer because of the usage of mechanized educational equipment. Some of them are presented below-

1.Intelligent Lifting Chair

It is one of the beneficial digital accessories that is a must-have for every smart classroom. The educational equipmentproffers high convenience and employs superior comfort for the students. This intelligent lift chair possesses three stories of high-memory keys and demands for a one-touch restoration of the preferred height. For further convenience, a monitor stand is installed on the lifting chair that can be easily moved here and there to adjust the perfect viewing distance and aids to refrain any sort of fatigue.

2.Rotating Chairs with Writing Pad

Rotating chairs are vital elements in the Dynamic classroomsolutions that avail easy mobility and provides ergonomic principles. In addition, writing pads are also attached to the chair that comforts students of all sizes and can be altered easily for individual ease. Also, the rotating chairs are customizable, which is why certain school institutions can insert color and shape of their desire to coordinate with the school's demands. As a result, it creates an environment that enhances engagement and interactivity within the teachers and students. The rotating chairs' quality is world-class; it is made from flame-resistance plastic, nylon, and other materials that make the accessory completely adequate for the students. In Dynamic classrooms, rotating chairs provide access to availing any sitting arrangement to increase engagement and productivity in the classroom.

3.Intelligent Control System

The network control system is capable of operating all sorts of equipment in every classroom without any trouble. Its fundamental advantage is to give freedom to teachers to refrain from any other activities rather than teaching. And eventually, the teachers can now shower more efficient and effective knowledge to the students. The control system has various boot modes such as fingerprints, remote power on and off, and IC cards. After you have inserted the semester's complete schedule, the system will automatically control the routine and operate all the equipment in every class according to the information provided.

Dynamic smart classroomsis a distinguished and effective route that allows easy alterations in the learning method that the teachers can implement to understand better and engage the students. The enhanced educational equipmenteffortlessly concedes the entire class's contour modifications to rearrange swiftly within varying education modules. The exemplary process is like a small class teacher flipped classroom teaching blended teaching, and exploratory teaching can be introduced through the powerful educational equipment. This ultimate procedure is carried out in dynamic classroomsto intensify engagement and interactivity between the students and teachers to become stronger in an observational, societal, and ingenious process.


Indota's innovative mission is packed with modernized technological appliances that change the classroom's complete scenario and allows the powerful engagement of the students into education. The teachers will receive the best technical support to control the entire teaching behavior and discipline comfortably. After all, the intelligent educational equipment affords facilities that are not found anywhere except for Indota.

Intelligent Lifting Table

High memory of one-touch restoration of the preferred height. There are 3 levels of high-memory keys for easy use.Tabletop is equipped with a professional monitor stand, which can be stretched back and forth to adjust the viewing distance. It is possible to lift up and down, which helps to relieve cervical fatigue.

Highlights of the product

  • One-button Lift

    3 levels of high-memory keys, one-touch restoration of the preferred height.

  • Professional Monitor Stand

    Adjust the viewing distance to relieve cervical fatigue.

  • Wires

    Tank chain at the bottom for easy storage of wires.

Product Specifications