Indota Redefines The Learning Environment -- Multi-group Interactive Smart Classroom

Indota Smart Classroom uses information technology to realize the learner-centered teaching model, interconnects Smart Classroom with IoT technology, integrates big data collection, remote asset management and other technical means. 

The multi-group interactive smart classroom provides comprehensive support for a series of group discussions such as group grouping, group discussion exchange, group results display.

It builds a smart teaching environment with communication and discussion, multi-screen interaction and results display functions.

Therefore, it becomes easier to organize group discussion, workshop and seminar activities by visualizing the discussion process and the details.

Classroom tables and chairs can be moved quickly and flexibly to form an independent seminar space.

Each group is equipped with an all-in-one PC with interactive functions, compatible with various operating systems and suitable for connection of various sizes of screens and different resolutions of computers, tablets and mobile phones.

With intensive teaching, it is not only convenient for students from different directions to watch the teaching content nearby, but also enables each group to conveniently present and display the content, the discussion screen and the results of the discussion.