Indota Office Building

We decided to show you a bit of our headquarters. We saw the sun shining and couldn’t miss this opportunity to make some pictures to show you. Let’s go and have a look!
Since May 2020 we've been operating in an 800m2 facility in Assen, the Netherlands. We carry our inventory and sales operations here. We are really happy with this new location as we now have a much bigger warehouse to supply education furniture and digital solutions to the whole of Europe. 

But don’t be deceived by these pictures! It looks all sunny and relaxing but we were lucky to get these shots. After heavy rain, the sun was kind enough to shine and warm us for a little while. 
If you are ever nearby, don’t be shy and just stop by! We can have a little talk with some coffee or tea and we can have a chance to test our products in our showroom. We are quite busy over here, but no worries! We always have time to chat with our visitors.

We are open from 10.00 to 18.00. If you’re interested in meeting us and see what products we offer but you live outside of Assen and/or the Netherlands, then just contact us to schedule a meeting. We can have a nice video call and give you a tour.