Indota Smart Rotating Chair for Flexible Classrooms

Smart Interactive Rotating Chair is a part of Dynamic Smart Classroom. With this solution, we aim to introduce a flexible classroom where students can move freely and teachers can group them easily. Interactive Chair also enables students to maintain distance from each other. These chairs can be combined with other solutions to create a more complete learning space where all group activities can be done. 
Interactive Chair comes with a writing pad with a pen/tablet holder so that students can keep using digital tools to participate in the classroom activities. Also, you can choose to have an optional cup holder for a bottle of water etc. Unlike traditional furniture, Interactive Chairs are smart chairs that promote interactive learning between teachers and students, as students become more active and take initiative in the classroom. 

We suggest these chairs for general classrooms, graduate classrooms, training rooms, laboratories, academic exchange centers, offices and other similar occasions.
The chair complies with ergonomic principles. Same as other furniture we offer, the color and shape of the chairs can be customized.