Have you already checked our YouTube channel?

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel where you can see our products from all angles and therefore, seeing it better than in the photos? You can also see our products being assembled or while in use. 
As you may know, in Indota, we divide classroom solutions in three different categories which are Dynamic, Collaborative and Multi-group Smart Interactive classroom. We have videos for each smart classroom solution to show you how learning environments can be enhanced by using these Indota products. We also display some software and systems that increase the engagement in the learning space. We believe that with the videos, you can have a better understanding of what we offer and how we aim to redefine the learning environments. 
With our product introduction videos, we hope to inform you about how each product can be used to improve the activities in the classroom. 
So why not have a look at our social media channels? You will find the links in the footer section of our website!