Indota Redefines The Learning Environment -- Collaborative Interactive Smart Classroom

The Indota Smart Classroom uses modern multimedia technology to create an ideal campus environment where "Students can find and meet good teachers and watch discussions everywhere on campus".
Diverse teaching scenarios: The tables and chairs are movable, collaborative and multi-type. Students can be grouped into different size groups according what suits a course best in any discipline, either by the ease of regrouping the students within the classroom or by having different classrooms designed to the most relevant types of solutions.
The collaborative interactive smart classroom includes collaborative tables and chairs, and interactive systems to support a flexible learning and research classroom. 
It changes the role of students: They can take the initiative of learning the best way.

In the collaborative interactive smart classroom, teachers and students can splice tables and chairs at will and design the classroom layout to build exclusive small class groups for discussions. Flexibility of the furniture enables teachers to choose the best layout that matches the teaching method they apply. Good for individual learning, and encouraging group discussions in any discipline and any types of research and teaching.