New Product--Indota, The Central Controller of The IoT

Indota--smart classroom designer.
Indota takes "smart classroom designer" as its brand positioning to create a highly innovative IoT smart classroom in China.
It aims to transform the smart classroom with IoT technology as the core into a digital and intelligent all-round product. We will provide customers with comfortable, pleasant and valuable performance products.
IoT Central Controller
Comprehensive IoT management and control. It has powerful multimedia interaction capabilities. The guarantee system works around the clock.
The central control system of the Internet of Things adopts the design concept of interconnection, based on the basic design principle of stability and reliability, low power consumption design standards, highly integrated components, stable and reliable, and supports long-term uninterrupted work. It is compatible with the campus card, effectively records identity information, and can be linked with the electronic class schedule to automatically perform class scheduling. The system communication protocol is open, it can also identify the control commands of other manufacturers, and support the control management of other network control management platforms.

Split design.
7-inch LCD control panel plus standard rack design.
Highly integrated to meet a variety of classroom controls.
It can realize the control of the Internet of Things and the simultaneous management of multiple classrooms. It is compatible with the campus all-in-one card. It supports the linkage of electronic timetables.
Support multiple boot modes.
Network centralized remote control, swipe card and local central control switch mode.