3 Questions About Smart Classroom

Three questions on the construction of smart classrooms that you should ask yourself to make sure the learning environment is well-designed and meets the needs of all entities that are included in the learning and teaching process.
First, does the classroom design and layout meet the learning needs of students? Has it adapted to teachers' needs for observation and research on student learning behavior?
For students, the student's learning behavior is to happen. Does the classroom provide students with free writing and free expression, while at the same time being able to quickly obtain the support of supporting background and subject knowledge.
For teachers, does the classroom provide real-time and effective information collection for learning behavior and does it provide enough space for the combination of learning behavior and social networking?
For the education authority, is the design of the classroom convenient for obtaining effective education information?
Secondly, although the standards for intelligent classroom design are different, there should be some consensus on the judgment and collection of effective learning information. For example, it should be considered whether classroom sign-in data and classroom interaction data can really help to understand students’ learning behaviors and help students form their learning thinking. 
Thirdly, the classroom in the Internet age shouldn’t just be a place for learning behavior, but it should also be a place for students to learn and socialize. Did the teaching department realize that the social nature of such a social place is respected? What is the difference between students in a learning social interaction and in daily social interaction?

The questions continue as they are kind of a thought about how wisdom teaching is carried out in real educational behaviour. Who does the classroom belong to? Who is responsible for creating a classroom suitable for study? These questions must be at the core and the answer should be the most suitable smart classroom that best matches different learning and teaching styles.
It is all about creating a learning environment where smart teaching can be used to enhance activity and increase efficiency. The classroom is a component of the school, and its design and function upgrades also involve the development of the entire intelligent and information construction of the campus.
Finally, to quote Dickens's famous saying, "This is the best era and the worst era". At the key historical event of wisdom education, we believe we all should take this development opportunity and create a much better place to enhance learning!
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